Our approach

At Financial Planit our financial advice specialists will work closely with you to understand your situation. The planning process begins with an initial meeting which is complimentary and without obligation.  This meeting is a fact finding meeting and also gives you a chance to meet your planner and have any questions answered in person. Prior to the initial meeting we send clients out our Financial Services Guide, Adviser Profile and Client Questionnaire.  To maximise the productivity of the initial consultation we encourage clients to fill out the questionnaire as best they can and return it to our office prior to scheduling a suitable appointment time.  Below is a summary of the advice process that we typically follow:


Step 1 – Initial Meeting

During our first meeting, we discuss the reasons leading to your decision to see a Financial Planner, your current financial situation and expectations. This will assist us in sharing the practical features and benefits of the services we offer.


Step 2 – Information Gathering and Needs Analysis

Depending on progress, this may take place as part of our initial meeting or it may require a second meeting to complete. We’ll undertake a comprehensive review of all information relevant to your personal and business finances, so as to thoroughly understand your situation. This involves viewing your investment statements, tax returns, financial statements, copies of will, insurance policies, investment policy statements, etc. We also require you to complete a Client Information Questionnaire, which includes a Risk Profile Questionnaire.


Step 3 – Strategy development

We analyse your current financial position and identify your needs, objectives, problem areas/opportunities and your attitude toward risk. We then help you set financial goals (both short and long term) and consider strategies and issues (e.g. taxation, social security and estate planning).


Step 4 – Discussion of alternatives and strategy suggestions with client

During this face-to-face or telephone conversation we will discuss and agree upon the level of ongoing relationship required to service the advice provided. We research products to determine which one will best meet your needs and consider appropriate strategies. We then develop and finalise the recommendations in the written form of a Statement of Advice (SoA).


Step 5 – Presentation

We then present your Statement of Advice (SoA) and discuss the recommendations. During the presentation meeting, we review all aspects of the plan, answer all of your questions, make any amendments and seek your agreement to implement the agreed recommendations.


Step 6 – Implementation

Our role is to ensure agreed recommendations are implemented in a timely manner, as this is crucial to attaining your financial goals. We will also assist you with the lodging of applications and liaising with Fund Managers. If implementation of your financial plan requires assistance from other parties, we can refer you to our trusted associates for any additional assistance you require.


Step 7 – Review

In order to keep current, a comprehensive review of your strategy must be done at least once a year, or as required in light of changes to your personal situation, tax legislation, economic conditions, inflation or related issues. We discuss these issues with you and, if required, adjust your plan accordingly.