Informed Investor – October 2013

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What Does a Falling Dollar Mean for You?

The Australian dollar has fallen more than 15% against the US dollar over recent months, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Are you Eligible for $500 from the Government?

The Government’s co-contribution scheme is an initiative to help eligible individuals boost their retirement savings. If you earn less than $48,5161 pa and meet certain criteria, you may want to consider making personal after-tax Super contributions before the end of this financial year.


What’s a Stay at Home Mum (or Dad) Worth in 2013?

We all know that the hard yakka that stay-at-home mums (and many dads, too) put in, is vital to keeping families and the domestic front running smoothly.


 A Break-Up Can Also Break Up Joint Finances – See Our 5 Tips to Manage Yours

Divorce is not only emotionally distressing, it can also be financially devastating if not managed carefully. Here are some essential facts to help you navigate the complexities of a divorce settlement and get your retirement savings back on track.


Aged Care home bonds. How will your parents fund theirs?

If your parents are getting older, it’s important for you to understand as much as possible about their options, especially with new Government aged care reforms are just around the corner.


Obligations for Trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) must remain abreast of their current obligations. New rules took effect from 7 August 2012 and were originally announced as part of the Government’s Strong Super reforms.


Economic Update

Market and Economic Overview


An App A Day

Day to day life is full of obstacles and dealing with them on a frequent basis can make you feel uptight, drained of energy and motivation and sometimes at your wits end. While we all accept stress as an inevitable part of life and it’s suggested that a little bit is actually good for us, studies suggest unhealthy levels of stress are increasing and negatively affecting our health.


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