The Power of Investing in Yourself

What do you really want out of life? Investing in yourself is an important way to prepare for achieving your personal goals. Here are five ways to make sure you’re ready to meet the future as your very best self.


1. Take care of your body and mind

Being in poor health can make almost anything feel like an impossible challenge.  That’s why making a commitment to your physical wellbeing is one of the most important ways of investing in yourself.  For some of us that means slowing down and making time to walk, sit and reflect. For other it’s about firing up your energy and drive with exercise in whatever form that takes – a run, swim or session at the gym.

All these activities also hit pause on the constant planning and preparation, stress and anxiety we can all get caught up in. But as well as giving your brain a break now and again, take some time to explore new interests with your mind too by taking a course or reading books that are inspiring and informative. And if reading isn’t your thing, there are thousands of podcasts available that can feed your mind with amazing stories, facts and opinions on hundreds of topics.


2. Celebrate your creative side

When we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, doing something creative can remind you about all the sources of inspiration there are in the world. Being creative also opens up new learning pathways and new social groups too, so it’s a great way to expand your horizons and break out of your routine.

If you don’t think of yourself as the creative type, just start by keeping a journal of things you notice that interest and inspire you.  It won’t be long before you’re making connections between these observations and your experiences to come up with your own creative ideas.


3. Work on your bucket list

You might think you’re too young for a bucket list. But if you wait until mid-life or retirement to seek out experiences that will make your life richer, you’ll already be running out of time to make them happen. And they needn’t be as complicated and costly as going on a cruise or cage diving with sharks. Try to include simple things on your bucket list that you can achieve in your local area.

Growing a plant from seed, rock climbing or singing in a choir are all things that you might want to try for the first time.  It might take a little time, dedication and research to make it happen but you’ll really enjoy that feeling of satisfaction from your new experiences – and from ticking things off your list.


4. New ways to earn

You’re living in a time when change is a constant and this presents us with a wide range of opportunities as well as risks. One of those risks is losing the income you’re relying on from your job. So an important way of investing in yourself is to look at ways to secure new income streams.

This could mean putting money in property or other assets that will bring you extra income that you can reinvest, save or spend depending on your needs. Or you could be interested in setting up a new business on the side with the ultimate goal of selling it for profit or taking it up as a full-time role.


5. Get a coach

Figuring out what your most important priorities are and how to make time for them in a busy schedule can be challenging.  Working with a coach is a great way to review and set your goals, explore what’s holding you back from achieving them and create a plan and schedule to keep you moving forward.

It’s important to find a coach who really understands and cares about what’s important to you so they can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. Find the right coach and you’ll have a valuable partner who can guide you on the path towards success and wellbeing in your lifestyle and finances.


Source: FPA, Money & Life.

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